New Star Wars Battlefront Hutt Contract Unlocks Ability to Run Way Faster

EA has announced Star Wars Battlefront’s latest Hutt Contract, and if you complete it, you’ll unlock a new trait card that gives you the ability to move at higher speeds.

The new Hutt Contract is called Escape, while the card you unlock is Escape Artist. It costs 8500 credits, and although the name implies you’ll do some kind of escaping, all that’s required to unlock the trait card is melee killing five enemies and getting 10 Uplink defended events.

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Escape Artist grants players significantly more speed when sprinting, allowing them to get to and from objectives much more quickly. Additionally, its level three bonus enhances your melee attacks. Developer DICE offered some advice in utilizing it, such as freeing up the card slot originally taken by the Jump Pack and coupling it with the Stim “to increase survivability.” Additionally, you can pair it with the new Sabotage card “to get in quick and [disrupt] enemy soldiers.”

EA recently announced a new mode called Battle Station that comes with the Death Star expansion next month. The mode has three phases, including one that has you reenact the iconic trench run from Star Wars IV: A New Hope. The Death Star expansion also comes with new hero characters, Chewbacca and Bossk.

Also coming later this year is a Star War Battlefront virtual reality experience. It was revealed earlier this month that the official title would be Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission to tie into the upcoming Rogue Onethat hits theaters in December.

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