13 Proven Tips on Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

13 Proven Tips on Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

Running social media campaigns can be quite different from managing your social media profiles on an ongoing basis.

Unlike your ongoing social media marketing, campaigns tend to be for a specific purpose and only last for a certain time period. The strategy you’d take for running a social media campaign might be different from your usual social media marketing strategy.

Through case studies of successful social media campaigns by companies like Airbnb, Coca-Cola and Starbucks, you’ll learn actionable tips on increasing the reach and engagement of your next campaign.

13 Proven tips on running successful social media campaigns

Here’s a quick overview of all the 13 social media campaign tips. Feel free to click on the tip that interests you the most to jump to that tip.

  1. Use existing platforms in a unique way
  2. Experiment with new, emerging platforms
  3. Get your audience involved
  4. Tap into trending topics creatively
  5. Let your audience be part of the experience live
  6. Be creative with constraints
  7. Encourage your audience to create and share
  8. Focus on one platform
  9. Keep things simple
  10. Time it right
  11. Use the latest features or technologies to create better content
  12. Promote with social ads
  13. Partner with other businesses

1. Use existing platforms in a unique way

To launch its new fleet of trains, Eurostar, a high-speed railway service, used Instagram with a unique twist — making use of Instagram’s “horizontal” profile gallery.

AKQA, the agency behind this campaign, created an illustration of the train journey, which consist of nearly 200 still images and animated videos, on the @lavieonboard account. Each of the posts describes a destination in London or Paris, hides a special offer (e.g. two-for-one tickets to museums) or tells a benefit of the new fleet, encouraging Eurostar’s audience to explore the entire profile.

To promote the campaign, Eurostar also worked with popular Instagram users and hosted social media contests where its followers were invited to post a selfie with the #eurostar hashtag.

This campaign generated 9.7 million impressions on Instagram and helped Eurostar increase its social media following.


Look for new ways to use the major social media platforms. Eurostar and AKQA created a separate Instagram account just for this campaign and used a format that has been rarely seen. Because of its uniqueness, many people tagged their friends on the posts, asking them to check out the account.

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