3 Ways Technology Manufacturers can Prevent eWaste

A lot of space across the globe is taken up by waste. So much so that some countries pay others to store this trash. Luckily, it has gotten to a point that many citizens have decided to take matters into her own hands.

Reducing carbon footprints

Recycling has become a big movement to reduce the Earth’s carbon footprint. Compositing is another way to minimize the amount of food going into landfills. In addition, over the last few decades, there has been a dedicated movement to lessen the amount of eWaste.

Keeping electronics and their components out of normal trash is quite important as these can crack or breakdown and release harmful chemicals into the water table. Thus, waste goes beyond the landfill.

Preventing eWaste

Fortunately, there are ways technology manufacturers can reduce eWaste. Here are three suggestions.

1. Recycle silicon wafers

Silicon wafers are used in tests of today’s electronics. However, when these trial runs are completed the wafers are disposed of. Instead, they can be sent to a refurbishing company to be reused.

Organizations like Pcasilicon have done this for decades. First, they wash and dry the small but powerful components. Next, they perform a silicon wafer polishing to restore their operational status. Either they go back to the original manufacturer or to another tech company.

2. Proper disposal of equipment

Computers and smart devices should never be thrown out with the regular trash. Especially since they contain personal information that can be stolen. Instead, they need to go to a proper eWaste disposal company.

Before they dismantle or refurbish any product these companies make sure all data is removed from the device. And they follow this up with a written audit detailing the entire process.

3. Head to the cloud

In other words, eliminate overused or old storage devices in favor of moving data material to cloud servers. Not only does this increase storage space but it also allows for greater collaboration between many people.

Do you see improper disposal of eWaste in your line of work? If so, present one or all of these suggestions to help them improve the Earth and save money in the process.

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