3CLogic Announces New Computer Telephony Integration for ServiceNow

-3CLogic, a leading provider of cloud communication as a service, today announced its new and enhanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for ServiceNow. The update comes shortly following ServiceNow’s latest venture into the customer service space with the explicit aim of complementing its new Customer Service management (CSM) platform with intelligent and deeply integrated telephony services.

“With ServiceNow’s latest entry into service management, we aim to provide a seamlessly integrated communications platform to help automate workflows, facilitate customer interactions, and enhance the overall effectiveness of enterprise employees,” states Denis Seynhaeve, CEO at 3CLogic.

Using ServiceNow’s new OpenFrame architecture, the end-to-end and multichannel solution will provide a diverse set of features and functionality via APIs, including:

  • New browser-based UI and CTI for inbound, outbound, or blended call requirements.
  • Ability to operate using existing on-premise telephony systems (Cisco or Avaya) or via pure cloud offering.
  • Intelligent routing of calls using ServiceNow data and objects.
  • Skills-based routing using ServiceNow’s Matching Rules and logic.
  • Automated rep screen-pop for incidents, cases, or contacts.
  • Call and screen recordings embedded within ServiceNow platform.
  • Real-time agent monitoring and quality management tools.
  • Integrated call reporting within ServiceNow’s reporting framework.

Certified in ServiceNow’s Calgary, Fuji, and Geneva releases, 3CLogic’s cloud communication solution is ideally suited for customer facing departments including Sales, Customer Support, HR, Marketing, and Security.

The company is currently exhibiting at Knowledge16 at booth #1206. It will also be guest session presenter on Tuesday, May 17th on Embedded Communications in the ServiceNow Platform.

About 3CLogic

3CLogic is a leading provider of cloud communication as a service offering a seamlessly integrated multichannel and Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) platform for today’s enterprise businesses. Designed to complement existing operational workflows and/or on-premise legacy systems, 3CLogic provides a unified 360-degree view to optimize and analyze client interactions for either sales, customer support, or call center organizations. Built on a unique architecture hosted on AWS, 3CLogic provides both a pure or hybrid cloud solution while delivering market-leading security, scalability, system flexibility, and reliability.