Capcom Has High Hopes for Resident Evil 7’s Day One Sales

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Capcom clearly has high expectations for the upcoming Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, as evidenced by its goal for sales on launch day.

Speaking with MCV, Capcom’s EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) marketing director Antoine Molant said, “Commercially, [Resident Evil 7] is probably the biggest Capcom game we are releasing on the new machines.”

“Ideally, we’d love to sell four million on day one globally,” he continued. “That would be great. Looking at what we see in the preorders and trends these days, we’re pretty confident we are going to get there. All the signs that we have seen across the market, whether it’s from the UK or from other territories, are very positive so far. We’re not sitting back and relaxing at all because we want to push that. The confidence is there.”

That would be an impressive total. As outlined on Capcom’s investors website, it’s not a given that a Capcom game makes it far beyond 4 million units in its lifetime. The last few numbered entries in the Resident Evil series have done so, however; Resident Evil 5 has sold a total of 7.1 million units, while Resident Evil 6has sold 6.6 million. Resident Evil 4 has been re-released numerous times, with three versions (PS2, Wii, and GameCube) topping the 1 million mark; those three have combined for a total of 5.9 million. None of the spinoffs, like Revelations, Revelations 2, or Operation Raccoon City have done so.

Molant described Resident Evil 7 preorders as “very good,” so Capcom may have reason to believe it can hit four million right out of the gate.

We’ve recently begun to learn some more concrete details about Resident Evil 7, which shifts to a first-person perspective from the standard Resident Evil third-person camera. New gameplay videos were released this week, and its PS4demo was recently updated for the final time. Xbox One players can now check out the demo for themselves, with a PC demo to follow on December 19.

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