Dead Rising 4 Trailer Shows Frank West Rip Apart Zombies in a Mech Suit

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Microsoft today released a new trailer for Xbox One and PC zombie game Dead Rising 4. The gameplay video is titled “Return to the Mall,” calling back to the first game where Frank West was stuck in a mall fighting zombies.

That’s still the case in Dead Rising 4, only this time, West has a mech suit and even more incredible weapons. As you’ll see, the mech suit makes West incredibly powerful, as he’s able to rip zombies in half and push over cars. The video also introduces us to the tagline, “Let the slay ride begin,” which is just about perfect, considering the game’s “stupid” tone and Christmastime setting. Take a look at the video above.

Dead Rising 4 releases December 6, 2016 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as a timed exclusive. Prior to that, remastered versions of some of the earlier games in the series came out this week.

In other news, Microsoft has announced Dead Rising 4’s numerous preorder bonuses, while GameSpot also spoke to Capcom about why the game is doing away with the series’ most divisive mechanic.

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