Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Weapon Ornament Customizations Shown Off

Among the new features in Destiny’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion is an item-customization option called Ornaments. Despite sounding like something that hangs off of your weapon or armor, Ornaments are essentially new skins for items, and now Bungie is showing off what they look like on a selection of weapons.

The company began sharing images on Instagram today of the different looks that Ornaments make possible for some of Destiny’s new and existing Exotic weapons. Those posted so far include Telesto, Monte Carlo, Trespasser, Invective, and Khvostov, which is the starter weapon from the very beginning of Destiny that’s been turned into an Exotic for Rise of Iron.


We’ll continue to update this post as more images are shared. It sounds as if we’ll only be seeing Ornaments applied to weapons today, based on a tweet from the official Destiny account.

This week saw the release of update 2.4.0 for Destiny, which introduced a lot of weapon balance changes. It also includes much of the content that will be unlocked when Rise of Iron launches later this month, on September 20. You can, however, get your hands on one of Rise of Iron’s new Exotic weapons–the aforementioned Trespasser–right now.

[Source:- gamespot]

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