What to expect from the upcoming Facebook F8 Developer Conference?

Facebook is hosting the F8 Developer Conference in San Jose later today, and there are a handful of things to expect. Since it’s a developer conference, we expect there to be some features shown off and discussed by the company. However, the topics won’t go beyond Messenger and Augmented Reality. Perhaps the company will talk about its Artificial Intelligence goals during the course of the event as well.

Facebook has focused heavily on Messenger during F8 events in the past, and we don’t expect any different this time around. The company will probably not talk about WhatsApp, Instagram or the new features that it incorporated from Snapchat (pretty shadily).

The company has unveiled some major Messenger related upgrades in previous F8 conferences. Perhaps the company will increase focus on making Messenger accessible to low internet connectivity areas around the world. There is word that Facebook will talk about some new hardware that’s being developed in its labs. This could include some new AR related projects as well as upgrades to its 360 degree camera.

Fans and developers can be assured that Facebook will not disappoint this time around either. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to give the keynote address later today to get the ball rolling.

Facebook recently announced multiple updates to the Messenger app, including the ability to pay for items through the app. This chat client has surely come a long way since its inception a few years ago. While the separation of Facebook and Messenger apps were a little concerning at first, it’s clear that the company has big plans for both.

[Source:- Techrader]