Facebook Provides Expert Insights on Instagram in New Video Series

Instagram has seen massive growth in the last couple of years – the image based platform went from 200 million users in 2014 to 400 million at last check. And as that user base has grown, so too has marketer interest in the app, which looks set to go to another level this year with the expansion of Instagram ads and the addition of new search and discovery tools to help users track down trending and relevant content. The connective capacity of the platform holds major appeal for brands (Instagram engagement is still higher than that seen on other major platforms) and already a growing number of businesses are jumping on-board the Insta-train. But mastering Instagram is somewhat more difficult than other social sites. It requires a little more creativity, more lateral thinking to come up with ideas that will not only appeal but will also help boost your brand. The focus of Instagram is on the quality of your images. That relates to technical quality, in regards to composition, lighting, etc, but it also refers to the artistic elements of your updates. Sure, you can post inspirational quotes and basic product photos and you might do okay with that approach, but the brands that are seeing real success on Instagram approach their compositions as art, taking pride in every element – and often, providing a unique way of looking at the familiar. That approach is clearly evident in the work of Brock Davis, the Executive Creative Director of ad agency space150.

Davis is the focus of the first episode of Facebook’s new weekly video series ‘Pub in Pub’, in which some the brightest creative talent from around the world will be interviewed over a pint at their favorite pub. In this opening episode for the second season of ‘Pub in Pub’, Davis provides some great tips for those looking to maximize their Instagram performance.

[Source:- Socialmediatoday]