Facebook to soon expand its Groups feature

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Social media giant Facebook will now expand its Group feature with an aim to put more communities online. The company is currently testing a Groups section in its smartphone app that will see it appear alongside the main notifications, friends’ requests and news feed areas which have appeared in recent days for some users.

According to a report by The Telegraph, a Facebook spokesman stated, “This is a test to help people more easily navigate Facebook and find what is interesting to them.” Early this year, Facebook CEO had also stated that he wants to make groups more central to Facebook.

The section features a third page for creating your own group, as well as a special search bar for finding them. The groups will be arranged by categories such as ‘Funny’, ‘Food’ and ‘Sport’, as well as groups that friends have joined and those from a local area. Additionally, the new Groups section features a ‘Discover’ page for finding new communities as well.

[Source:- dnaindia]