Games Inbox: The problem with pre-orders, Polybius love, and GTA VI expectations

Games Inbox: Are pre-orders bad for gaming?

Something completely different

It was interesting reading the Farpoint review this morning. I was talking to a friend over the weekend who had it on pre-order and was massively excited to get it. I’m sure he will be disappointed to read the early reviews, as I think he was expecting something completely different to what is described in your review (something less linear and more open – Call Of Duty: Starship Troopers Edition VR was how he described it).

I recently started playing Resident Evil 7 and had been tempted to get VR, because I could see how amazing the game would be with it (I’ve literally done the dinner scene and not played it since, while I mulled over and tried to think of a way to justify getting PlayStation VR).

My friend’s enthusiasm for Farpoint was almost tipping me over the edge, but I think that your review has made me take a few steps back. I have fairly limited gaming time, and a young family, so I simply can’t justify the cost of VR for the sake of one game. I’m hoping that we maybe get a bit of a price drop or some good bundle deals around Xmas that might tempt me to make the jump.
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PS: With regards to playing later games in a series and going to play earlier ones, I finished the main story of Dead Rising 4 last night having only ever played a demo of the original Dead Rising on Xbox 360. I actually really enjoyed Dead Rising 4, so I probably will go back and play the earlier games in the series now.

Memorable trip

I really was not sure of Polybius when I saw the previews of it. I did not really know what was going on, as it seemed chaotic. But after a reader said if you liked Tempest 2000 you will enjoy it I downloaded it.

So glad I did, it’s amazing. When you’re playing it makes a lot more sense. It shows how much VR can improve the game, as I played it in normal mode and found it a lot harder. It’s harder to judge stuff without the depth perception.

It’s a real trippy experience and I see why it has the epilepsy warnings at start. But if this sort of thing does not affect you, you have to give it a try. I also love the time tunnel bits between levels, makes me feel like I’m in the TARDIS!

Unlicensed disc

After being alerted to the removal of Alan Wake from the Xbox store by a GC reader I’d like to know how this will affect its backwards compatibility on Xbox One.

Whilst I’ve yet to pick up a Xbox One, (hanging in there for reveal/price of Project Scorpio) I will be intending to use the backwards compatibility feature of the Xbox One/Scorpio once brought.

My copy of Alan Wake is on disc so I’ve not downloaded Alan Wake via the Xbox store before.

Going back

With the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise hitting over 235 million sales worldwide and with the multiple ports of GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories. And with the huge success of GTA V and Online perhaps it’s time we saw GTA VI in the early stages of development?

It will be a long wait for GTA VI however, given the fact this franchise sells well. Beginning the development of GTA VI would ensure that it can be improved and upgraded while being developed with everyone currently engaged with GTA V. One thing I would love to see included with GTA VI is the ability to revisit all the previous cities. Even if it would be a small sized part of the city’s map you could explore, there could be apartments you can buy to be able to visit and fly to the other cities like Liberty City and San Andreas.

Also, I would love to see many more radio stations, available as well as a cool new feature from Rockstar allowing players to be able to visit in-game world music stores which they could use their in-game currency to unlock each music track in the game. Which they can play at their hideouts, saving having to sit through hours of radio station audio to hear a favourite song or songs.

GTA V has been released since September 2013 and is not far off being four years old now which is a long time to go without a sequel to a popular franchise like Grand Theft Auto.

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