Google is reportedly working on an Amazon Echo competitor

Google is working on its own personal assistant hub, similar to the Amazon Echo speaker, reports The Information. As per the source, Google is working alone on the voice-controlled personal device and Nest, Google’s own smart home company, is not going to be a part of it.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo speaker is pictured here

The publication reports that Nest had requested to be part of the project, but was turned down by Google’s team working on the device. Details on the Amazon Echo’s competitor from Google are light at the moment. However, reports suggest that it will be utilising Google’s voice-recognition and search capabilities to deliver better answers to your questions.

For those unaware, Amazon Echo is an always-on connected speaker that listens and responds to your voice commands via a virtual voice assistant. It is capable of playing music and performing tasks from several supported services, and comes with multiple microphones to listen for your voice from all directions. It was unveiled in November 2014, and has been a big success for Amazon. Speculations indicate that Google might share some details on its own device in this category at this year’s I/O conference in May.

[Source:- 91mobiles]