Google Lists Which Chromebooks Have Android Apps and Google Play Support

Google Lists Which Chromebooks Have Android Apps and Google Play Support

Google introduced Android app support on Chromebooks last year, and it even published a list of devices that would be getting the support. While the list did confirm the arrival of Google Play, it did not give you an idea of when that would happen. In a bid to douse the curiosity, Google has updated its page to show if the list of devices mentioned have Android apps running in the beta channel or stable channel, or are still in the ‘Planned to receive Google Play’ phase.

Just like the Chrome browser, the Chrome OS has different channels, and beta is obviously the less reliable version. All Chromebooks, by default, run on the stable channel, but if users want to experience features before time, they can switch to beta if they wish to.

Up until now, the page only listed devices that had support on the stable channel, but it now lists devices who have Android apps running on beta channel, and even the ones that are still in the ‘Planned’ phase. Chromebooks like Chromebook Flip C302 and Chromebook R13 (CB5-312T) are running apps on the beta channel, which also indicates that the update will arrive on the stable channel soon.

On the other, Chromebooks with Google Play support on the stable channel are Chromebook R11 (CB5-132T, C738T), Chromebox Mini, Chromebase Mini, Chromebook Flip C100PA, Chromebook Pixel (2015), and Chromebook Plus. Most of the other Chromebooks are still in the Planned stage. Hopefully, Google will keep updating this page, to show the status of Android apps arrival on all of the mentioned Chromebooks on the list. You can view the full list here.