Google Pixel, Pixel XL Bluetooth Issue Fix Is Being Rolled Out

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Bluetooth Issue Fix Is Being Rolled Out

Pixel and Pixel XL users now receiving Bluetooth issue fix
The fix has been rolled out via a ‘server-side fix’
It may take some time for the fix to roll out to all users
Ever since launch, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL users have been thronging the company’s product forums with several complaints related to audio failure, LTE connectivity issues, and even Bluetooth. Now, the company has rolled out a fix to one of these problems – the Bluetooth connectivity issue that caused connections to break without warning when connected to devices like speakers stereos.

9to5Google notes that a Google employee confirmed ‘server-side changes’ have been made to fix the problem and speculates that these changes will reach all users via a Google Play Services update.

This Bluetooth problem first cropped up in February, after the security patch for that month. Google acknowledged the problem soon on the product forum, and invited details to help solve the issue quickly. A few days later, it claimed that it had identified the problem and would roll out a fix soon, but the problem was not fixed with the March security patch.
However, the company has now confirmed that it is pushing out a server-side fix for the Bluetooth problem, which could arrive to your device via a Google Play Services update, 9to5Google says. This shouldn’t require any action from your end as the update will seamlessly happen in the background for Google Play Services. It may take several days for the update to arrive on your device, so be patient if you don’t see the problem fixed immediately.

As mentioned, this issue is just one of the many posted by Pixel users over time. One of the recent issues was related to the microphone, which completely failed for some customers, while others said it only works with the camera app while recording video. Google is aware of the issue and has confirmed that it is a hardware issue and that a software fix will not rectify it. The company suggests that a replacement under warranty is the fastest way to solve the issue.

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