How to speed up PC | How to speed up laptop | PC speed boost | PC running slowly | Laptop running slowly – how to make any PC or laptop run faster

How to speed up any PC or laptop

How to speed up laptop or PC: Summary

In order to speed up your laptop or PC you first need to know what’s slowing it down. In many cases you can restore performance by uninstalling buggy apps, checking there are no viruses causing problems, clearing out junk files and defragging the hard drive, and performing hardware upgrades such as increasing the RAM or installing an SSD. We’ll guide you through all these options below.

How to speed up laptop or PC: In-depth guide

We show you how to speed up a PC or speed up a laptop. Free software tweaks to speed up Windows, and the best hardware upgrades to boost your PC or laptop. How to speed up PC, how to speed up laptop. What to do when your PC is running slowly, or your laptop is running slowly.

Everyone wants a faster PC or laptop. If you are reading this article the chances are that you have one of only a few needs. Perhaps you have a relatively new PC or laptop that works fine, but you would like it to be faster. That may be for general use, or something specific such as browsing the web, or gaming.

Or possibly you have an older PC or laptop that used to be fine but now crawls. ‘PC running slowly’ or ‘laptop running slowly’ are hugely popular search terms. If you have arrived on this page having made that search, you are in the right place.

Here we’ve written an easy to follow checklist, pointing out what you should do to make your PC faster in any of these scenarios. They range from the easiest to the hardest – so start at the beginning and work through to speed up your PC or laptop. (And if you want a really fast PC, see: 7 best gaming PCs 2015: What’s the best gaming PC you can buy in the UK?)

How to speed up PC | How to speed up laptop: software tweaks

The following software changes really don’t apply to a brand new system. If you need to make a new PC or laptop faster you do need to check the broadband and make sure it isn’t infected with a virus, but you can skip the rest of this section and head to hardware upgrades, below.