Getting hot users: The state of mobile app strategies in 2016 (webinar)


It’s 2016. Do you know who your mobile audience is? You may have the ideal twenty-something Millennial in mind when you’re sending notifications about your latest product, but unless there’s a proper behavior analytics platform in place, there’s no telling if that notification is hitting the right notes. Are you telling your users exactly what they want to hear? Or, are you telling them what you think they might want to hear? Knowing the difference between the two will decide if your business will sink or swim in the new year.

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when preparing your mobile marketing strategy for 2016.

2015 was a pinnacle year for mobile. The number of mobile-only adult userssurpassed the number of desktop-only users; more than half of Google searches now happen on mobile; and 47 percent of Facebook users now access the popular social media site on mobile! There’s no denying 2016 will usher in more achievements, but with success comes fiercer competition aiming for a slice of the mobile pie. This is why it’s imperative you question everything in your current marketing strategy, as what worked before won’t necessarily work again in the fickle world of mobile.

Here’s the bottom-line: You can’t rely on bare-bones demographics to get your business through another year.

You need to understand who your customers are by segmenting them based on in-app behaviours. By learning their interests, activities, and most suitable times for interaction, you’ll be able to better engage with your audience. Furthermore, personalizing content to the interest of your users will make them open up that notification with glee, rather than dispose it in the virtual trash bin.

Take a good hard look at your company’s app. Does this app satisfy a niche that’s been left unfulfilled? Is your on-boarding keeping customers from ignoring your app after the first day or week? Does the user interface take advantage of the mobile hardware? And, does this app utilize geofencing to target customers at the perfect place and time? If you’re treating mobile like a miniature desktop, you’re missing out on capitalizing on a new and thriving audience.

We’ve only covered the tip of the mobile iceberg. By signing up for this webinar, you’ll be given a comprehensive look at the emerging mobile app trends of 2016 by some of the smartest business figures in the industry. See which app strategies worked and failed in 2015, and what that means for the years ahead. Use these knowledgeable stories of success to make one of your own for 2016 and beyond.

[Source:- Venturebeat]