Is it okay for men to cry? Internet debates as Isro chief K Sivan breaks down after Vikram contact lost

PM Modi consoled Isro chief K Sivan after he broke down.

PM Modi consoled Isro chief K Sivan after he broke down.

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) chief K Sivan couldn’t control his tears after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s encouraging speech in Bengaluru on September 7 and broke down soon after. In a moment that has gone viral on social media, PM Modi was seen consoling K Sivan and also hugged him. But it appears that a certain section of social media isn’t quite pleased about the fact that K Sivan cried in public. The reason behind this opinion has also been attributed to the prevalent notion that ‘men don’t cry’.

Political analyst Gaurav Pandhi tweeted on Saturday saying that he “expected better temperament” from K Sivan. “A man of his stature crying like a baby because of shortfalls looks idiotic to me,” an excerpt from Gaurav’s tweet reads. A negligible number of users agreed with Gaurav and said that crying at workplace is “unprofessional” but a large section, otherwise, slammed the political analyst for his opinion.

Most users were inevitably offended by Gaurav’s tweet and told him off saying, “Before taking a dig at his temperament, get rid of your toxic masculinity.” Conclusively, the internet was divided but Twitter at large was in support of K Sivan and said, “Men, it is OK to CRY. You are human and not machine.”After Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan-2 lost communication with the ground station in Bengaluru on the early hours of Saturday, PM Modi motivated scientists and asked them to not lose hope. Adding that a major part of the mission has been successful, PM Modi congratulated the space research organisation for its efforts as well. The Isro Chief, however, was in the depths of despair and wept profusely as PM Modi consoled him in an emotional moment.

The soft-landing of Chandrayaan-2’s landing module, Vikram, did not go as per plan as all ground communication was lost with it just moments ahead of its scheduled landing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present at the Isro’s Mission Operations Complex in Bengaluru to witness the soft-landing.