Latest Oculus Software Update Officially Supports Room-Scale VR

Oculus released version 1.15 of its PC virtual reality software, and the new update brings several changes to the hardware setup process. Of particular note: Oculus no longer treats three-sensor configurations as experimental setups, meaning that Oculus 1.15 fully embraces room-scale VR configurations.

A little historical perspective is in order. At the end of March 2016, Oculus released the first modern consumer-grade VR system. The Facebook-owned company beat its competition to market by nine days. But when the HTC Vive hit the market, Oculus found itself trying to catch up on several fronts, especially motion controller integration and expanded play space.

Although Oculus announced its Touch controller nearly a year before the Rift hit the market, the company delayed the Touch release until December 2016. The Touch controllers narrowed the gap between the capabilities of the Rift and the Vive. Indeed, the Touch controllers are light, easy to use, and offer input options that the Vive controllers can’t (analog thumbsticks). When they shipped, the Rift platform enjoyed a rush of content releases (at the tail end of 2016), including a handful of Oculus exclusive titles. Game back on.

[Source:- tomshardware]