LeBron James enacts annual social media ban for 2016 NBA playoffs, and Cavaliers beat reporters rejoice

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — LeBron James is indeed going dark on social media again for the playoffs, which start Sunday for his Cleveland Cavaliers against the Detroit Pistons.

And no one who covers the Cavs is too upset about it.

James announced late Saturday night on Twitter and Instagram that “Zero Dark Thirty – 23 has been activated,” which means he will not post to or theoretically even read his social media accounts until after the Cavaliers’ playoff run is complete.

James has been doing this since 2012 — the year Zero Dark Thirty, the movie about Navy SEALs’ hunt for Osama bin Laden was released — and has never won a championship without it.

James seemed to be wavering a bit on Zero Dark Thirty-23, saying Friday that “it doesn’t matter” if he steps away from social media or not during the playoffs.

“I’m going to be locked in anyway,” he said.

On this one point, that it doesn’t matter, well, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

For anyone whose job description includes monitoring James’ Twitter and Instagram posts, or who might be the subject of one of James’ cryptic Tweets, or a certain NBA franchise who gets unfollowed by James, two months of peace and quiet fostered by his absence from social media matters a great deal.

[Source:- Cleveland]