What is it like to be a social media ‘influencer’? Tell us your experiences

keyboard with social media logos on

The rise of networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram has been met with a growing number of so-called “influencers” or social media stars who have huge followings online.

Increasingly, they are being sought out by advertisers who want to use their reach online to help sell products. Celebrities and influencers can get tens of thousands of pounds (sometimes even more) for promoting certain fashion designers, detox teas, hair products – among other things – in a post.

What is is like to be a star online?

We want to hear from those who promote and manage influencers, as well as those who are considered important online.

What is it like to have such a huge following? How do you make money as an influencer? How much can you get paid for a post? What is the reality of this work like? Share your experiences with us, anonymously if you wish.

You can share your experiences using our encrypted form below. And we’ll use a selection in our reporting.

Source:-the guardian