LTE outages around the world for Nexus 6 owners

No, it’s not a carefully organized cyberattack. There seems to be something wrong with theMotorola Nexus 6 as of late. Many owners of the 6 inch Shamu have been experiencing LTE outages on carriers around the world. In the US, T-Mobile customers are the ones affected by this strange occurrence.

The issues were reported to Google’s Product Forums and an engineer from Google has acknowledged the problem in the corresponding thread. Many users on Reddit have been reporting outages from other countries and a list was made up this morning with carriers from Canada, Australia, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, and Hong Kong.

 At first, the culprit was thought to be the August Security patch, but Nexus 6 users with old and new firmware, with both official and after-market ROMs have all been affected by the same problem – lack of LTE.

Not every single Nexus 6 user is having these issues. Since the stirring of these issues, T-Mobile has acknowledged the issue and is already working on a solution for its subscribers.

[Source:- gsmarena]

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