You Must Kill a Pharmacist for Hitman’s Newest Mission

The next Elusive Target for Hitman has been announced. This mission, which is Hitman’s 10th Elusive Target since launch, sees players tracking down a mysterious pharmacist.

The mission goes live on the in-game Featured Hub today, September 16, starting at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET. You will need to own the first episode to find the target, as she’s located in Paris.


As with previous Elusive Targets, the pharmacist will only be in the location for a set period of time–168 hours (7 days) in this case. And there are no second chances. If you miss out, you may never have another chance to take down the target and earn rewards.

If you complete five Elusive Targets, you’ll get the Hitman Absolution Signature Suit (see it below), while completing all 10 will unlock the Blood MoneySignature Suit.

Lead online designer Torben Ellert spoke to GameSpot earlier this year about how developer IO Interactive wanted to make Elusive Targets get more difficult.

“We probably want the first couple at least to be quite approachable experiences, because it’s really important that we make it clear that these are not impossible missions,” he said. “Yes, they’re tense, because if you screw up, you’re finished. But they’re totally doable. I think we need to keep that for the next couple, but as we go down the line, we will improve on their perceptiveness, where it makes narrative sense.”

[Source:- gamespot]