NBA 2K17 Review Roundup

NBA 2K17 is already in the hands of many players, but if you’re still unsure about whether to dive into this year’s basketball game, then you can check out what the critics are saying below. So far, the critical reception is highly positive.

One of the big new features of NBA 2K17 is the rotating commentary teams. Instead of the two or three broadcasters who announce every single game, like in most sports titles, NBA 2K17 features several different play-callers who will rotate in and out to keep things fresh. You can check this out for yourself here.

We’ve collected a series of review scores and editor opinions from around the internet and compiled them into an easy-to-read list below. For a wider view of the critical reception, check out GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: NBA 2K17
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Release: September 20
  • Price: $60
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GameSpot — 9/10

“Despite its few drawbacks, NBA 2K17’s excitement for basketball is contagious, and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it. Apart from the lacking 2KU mode and stiff recreations of commentators, the rest of the game looks great and plays even better. After finally devoting a significant amount of time to one of these games, I now see why it’s such a well-regarded series, and it makes me wish that every sport got the same treatment that basketball does in NBA 2K17.” — Mat Paget

USGamer — 5/5

“NBA 2K17 addresses most of my biggest issues from last year in cutting out canned animations and going back to basics with MyCareer, and it’s still as polished as ever. It’s easy to take its excellence for granted, but Visual Concepts’ ambition and willingness to take risks keeps it from ever becoming stale. NBA 2K17 is the champion, and it’s tough to see it losing that title anytime soon.” — Kat Bailey [full review]

GameInformer — 9.5/10

“In the world of sports sims, no other game feels like it’s even on the same level as NBA 2K17. Visual Concepts continues to embrace innovation and add benchmark-setting features for hardcore fans. With unrivaled gameplay, presentation, and game modes, 2K Sports’ latest hoops game is a must-play for all sports fans.” — Matt Bertz 

Forbes — 9.1/10

“NBA 2K’s depth continues to set the bar for the genre. Like always, NBA 2K17 is several games within one. However, the amalgamation of modes delivers an especially tight package this year. The smaller issues only slightly hamper the overall experience. 2K has delivered another classic the moment you rip off the plastic.” — Brian Mazique 

GamesRadar — 4.5/5

“NBA 2K17 continues the theme of excellence that has made the series so popular. It’s slick, smart, and deep. It is the model that all modern sports video games should aspire to be, appealing to virtually every type of player and fan.” — Richard Grisham 

WCCFTech — 8.6/10

“NBA 2K17 is the greatest basketball game ever made, bar none. That said, it’s not really accessible at first for newcomers, so keep that in mind; if you intend to venture into the MyCareer mode, be prepared for lots of unnecessary cutscenes, too.” — Rosh Kelly 

EGM — 7.5/10

“NBA 2K17 doesn’t appear to be a huge upgrade from last year’s game. Some of the changes always feel like there’s a caveat attached to them, and others just don’t go deep enough. Throw in the age that Visual Concepts’ engine seems to be showing on the graphical side, and it feels like NBA 2K17 is just sitting back at this point. The addition of Pro-Am as a dedicated esports vehicle is a big deal, but it’s not big enough to get me excited for basketball season like games in the series’ past have. If I were a GM, and had to draft NBA 2K this year, the series simply no longer feels like a lottery pick–it’s more like a late first-rounder. Still good, but nothing most should necessarily be excited about.” — Ray Carsillo 

[Source:- Gamespot]

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