New Battlefield 1 Vehicles Trailer Showcases Tanks, Fighters, and Bombers

The next entry in EA’s Battlefield 1 video series has been released, with this one focusing on the game’s vehicles.

The two-minute video deals primarily with the game’s tanks, which were a major innovation of World War I. It also shows off some of the planes, including fighters and bombers, but things like battleships and the zeppelin are sadly nowhere to be seen.

The previous video centered around the game’s infantry weapons, and in particular machine guns and mounted weapons.

A beta test for Battlefield 1 is coming soon, prior to the game’s launch in October. As of this week, you can choose your preferred platform for the test, though doing so doesn’t guarantee you access.

Next week, EA will reveal the game’s next map, which may feature a train. Whatever it is, we’ll get to see it on August 16 at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET.

[Source:- gamespot]

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