New leak of the Moto G5 Plus reveals 5.2-inch screen, 12MP camera, and NFC

A Reddit post gained some attention after a day or so, originating from a member of a Brazilian Moto G4 community on Google + who claimed that he had the device in-hand for testing on operators. Unfortunately, he doesn’t talk much about the phone in the photo’s comments.

What the Google + user did mention was that the alleged device features FM Radio, Digital TV, and that the G5’s SIM slot has been changed to a nanoSIM, an update from previous generation devices that accepted microSIM cards.

Source: Google +

Otherwise, the protective plastic on the handset’s display gives away a few more features like the smaller, 5.2” screen, 12MP “Rapid Focus Camera”, Fingerprint reader + NFC, and the TurboPower-compatible 3,000mAh battery. The plastic film also calls the phone “Moto $$”, these are placeholders for the name of the device.

The first thing many noticed was the new shape of the fingerprint sensor and how it is dissimilar to the square-shaped one found on the Moto Z family.

Confusion also surrounded many who wondered why a supposed Moto G5 Plus wouldn’t measure 5.5 inches diagonally in its display. The reason for that is the Moto Z Play is already running the Snapdragon 625 with a 5.5-inch screen and is compatible with Moto Mods. So it would not make much sense to release two devices with identical specifications as Motorola would end up competing with itself.

[Source:- gsmarena]

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