New and Revamped Halo 5 Big Team Battle Maps Out Now

Halo 5: Guardians has gotten even more new multiplayer maps. Following the release of two new ones from this month’s Anvil’s Legacy expansion, 343 has now added four brand-new maps and updated a dozen others for the game’s Big Team Battle mode.

These maps were made using Halo 5’s Forge tools and were created in partnership by 343 and fans. The new ones are called Dispelled, Estuary, Traffic Jam, and Unearthed.


You can see the new ones in the gallery immediately above, while the revamped maps can be seen in the gallery further down. The tweaks to the existing dozen Big Team Battle maps included things like “upgraded aesthetics” and “improvements to gameplay,” 343 said in a blog post.

You can find all the new Big Team Battle maps in the Featured section of the Halo 5 content browser. They are also bookmarked on the The343Favoriteschannel.

For more on all the news around the Halo 5 franchise this week, check out 343’s latest weekly update.

Updated Big Team Battle Maps:


[Source:- gamespot]