Official World of Tanks APAC Tournament Kicks-Off This Week

Season 2 of the League is up and running, with teams from around the Asia-Pacific region competing in a World of Tanks triple-round-robin tournament for a share of the USD$200,000 season prize pool.

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Last year’s APAC season closed with the undefeated EL Gaming taking home the top prize, and gaining access to the Challengers Rumble in New York alongside second APAC seed B-Gaming.

This season represents the first chance for APAC teams to compete on the world stage in Moscow in The Grand Finals 2017, where the top 12 teams across all four regions will compete for the honor of being named world champion.

Eight teams from last season’s Gold Series have won the chance to participate in Season 2: EL Gaming and B-Gaming will fight to keep their top spots against challengers MeltDown, Caren Tiger, DarkWolves, Horsemen, The Coalition Zoo, and Team Efficiency.

Team Navi took home $150,000 at last year’s grand finals. If you’d like to know more about World of Tanks, check out our feature on what makes it so popular.

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