OnePlus 5 becomes the first Android smartphone to beat the iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has been dominating the flagship smartphone segment in speed tests for a while now. However, now the newly launched OnePlus 5 has beaten the iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test, which is a first for an Android smartphone.

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 plus speed

David Rahimi of PhoneBuff has uploaded a video, in which, he pits the OnePlus 5 (review) against the iPhone 7 Plus (review) in a speed test. The test measures how quickly a device is capable of opening a bunch of apps. Since iOS on the iPhone 7 Plus animates the opening of apps and return to the home screen, there’s a time-lag involved. The OnePlus 5 wins this test by having faster animations in its Android-based OxygenOS.

The OnePlus 5 managed to complete the speed test seven seconds ahead of the iPhone 7 Plus.

[Source:- 91mobiles]