Overwatch Anniversary Event Seemingly Confirmed

Overwatch is rumored to be kicking off a new event soon to celebrate its one-year anniversary, but it may also be getting a Game of the Year Edition.

Existing players of the game will be most interested in the prospect of a new event. Dataminers recently uncovered indications of one in a recent PTR patch, and the Overwatch Twitter account seemingly confirmed it in the most uneventful way possible. In response to a question about when the anniversary event begins, it said, “No timing details yet.”

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Meanwhile, TrueAchievements reports that it’s discovered an Xbox Store listing for a Game of the Year Edition of Overwatch, with an accompanying release date of May 23. According to the description, it would come with the game, 10 loot boxes, skins for five characters (the same five from the Origins Edition), the Baby Winston pet in World of Warcraft, Tracer as a playable character in Heroes of the Storm, and more. Although the listing was for Xbox One, this would presumably also be available on PS4 and PC.

A price for this wasn’t included, nor do we know if any of this information was intended as a placeholder. But the prospect of a Game of the Year Edition doesn’t come as a major surprise; it certainly won plenty of awards last year, including GameSpot’s Game of the Year.

In less than a year, Overwatch became Activision Blizzard’s eighth billion-dollar franchise. Its recent Uprising event posted some huge numbers, and we know more content and features are on the way.

We’ll report back as Blizzard announces official details.

[Source:- gamespot]