Overwatch PS4/Xbox One Free Weekend Begins Now

Last week, Blizzard announced it would host a free play event for Overwatch onPS4 and Xbox One, and now the time has come. You can now download Overwatch to your consoles and play until Monday, September 12, at 4 PM PT.

You’ll find the game on the PlayStation Store under “Overwatch Free Weekend” (9 GB download) and on the Xbox Store under “Overwatch Origins Edition Free Weekend” (15 GB download). You don’t need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to enjoy the event on PS4, but you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play on Xbox One.


The free weekend is not the full game, but it includes almost everything. You have access to every character and map (including the newly added Eichenwalde), Quick Play, Custom Games, AI matches, tutorials, and the Weekly Brawl. You can even earn XP, unlock items, and open loot boxes; however, Achievements and Trophies will not be granted. If you want to continue playing the game after the free weekend event, you can purchase the full version and bring your progress with you.

If you are interested, you can pick up Overwatch: Origins Edition at a discount until September 15 at 11:59 PM PT. Until then, it costs $50 on the official website and participating retailers. Additionally, Overwatch will be $50 at Best Buy starting Sunday, and Gamers Club Unlocked members can get it for an additional $10 off. That deal lasts until September 17.

Since launch, Overwatch has seen considerable success. It’s appeared onnumerous top-selling lists and has surpassed more than 15 million players, though it’s important to note that players does not equate to copies sold.

Overwatch Season 2 recently began, which removed sudden death from Competitive mode–matches will now end in ties. In addition to switching up the rules, Blizzard recently spoke to us about what else it has planned for Overwatch in the future.

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