Tiny Lion Cub Irritates Mom at Rest, Parents on Internet Relate

Image result for Tiny Lion Cub Irritates Mom at Rest, Parents on Internet RelateA tiny lion cub managed to freak her mother out by pouncing on her from behind at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. Edinburgh Zoo shared the funny clip on Facebook with the caption, “Trying to relax when you have little ones.”

They also added the hashtag #Relatable – which many parents in the comments section seemed to agree with.

In the video, you can see how the tiny cub carefully gets up from its position. She then silently walks up to her mother from behind while she is busy watching another cub. Once within range, the sneaky cub pounces, giving her mum a huge fright and making her jump to her feet.

The adorable incident, captured on camera, has gone viral online and people can’t stop “aww-ing” over the video of the cub, which is less than two months old.

The video has been viewed over 42,000 times since it was shared on Friday. The comments section has been flooded with people gushing over the lion cub.

Fox News reported that the video features Asiatic lioness Roberta, who gave birth to a litter of five cubs in August this year. Only three survived. The cubs’ father is Jayendra, an Asiatic lion that came to the Edinburgh Zoo in 2012.