Traditional Rummy Game at Home vs. Online Rummy

Remember the fun-time with friends and family, huddled over a cup of coffee and playing card games? Feel nostalgic already? A traditional rummy game at home could be one of the best pastimes for youngsters and elders alike. It is the one of the ways you can bond with each other. Though classic rummy played with a real deck of cards is exciting, you can try out a game of online rummy instead.

We will tell you how online rummy could be better than rummy offline.

  1. No Need of a Physical Company

To play a rammipatti game at home, you need at least two players. But with rummy online, you just need a device with internet connection to access the khelplay rummy application. Playing cards has never been so easy and convenient.You can simply connect with players online and thus, physical company of people is not needed.

  1. Chatting with Others

Traditional rummy is always about re-unions and social gatherings, thus a lot of conversations and gossiping follows. But, if you are not fond of the incessant chatter, then shift to online rummy, as here you can engage in chat sessions not by compulsion, but by choice. Do remember that fair play policy would restrict you from revealing cards of other on the chat platform.

  1. Play on the Go and Earn Loyalty Points

It does not matter where you are, you can play on the go.On khelplay rummy platform, if you are a cash player, then you can earn loyalty points, which can be redeemed to purchase merchandises. If you are a cash player, you can even take part in rummy tournaments, for free, which can earn you a handsome amount with little investment. So, why let go of the chance?

  1. No Issues of Shuffling Cards

In offline rummy, the card shuffler is either a chosen dealer or as per turns. If the shuffler is not expert at the task, then you may land up with almost the same card types of the last game. The advantage of rummy online is that the website/app itself shuffles the card, picks the Joker, and offers cards to the players. This is why there is lesser chance of getting similar cards from the earlier game.

  1. Accurate Calculation of Points

While playing cards offline, at the end of each game, the points are calculated. The winner may receive some cash amount as well. A large gathering, chaos, combined with lack of attention of the one who calculates the points could result in computing errors. But in online card games the application or website calculates the points accurately, thus doing away the risk of computational errors.

  1. It is Legal and Safe

Many wonder if online rummy is legal in India. The answer is; it is legal and safe to play rummy online in the country, except in few states/cities. As the game is skill based, it is not gambling or luck-based. You need to have some amount of analytical and observation skills to progress in the game. So,there is no reason to stop you from trying your hand at a rummy game on the internet.

The next time when you have a deck of cards, or not, then do not think twice before choosing to play online rummy.

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