USB Connector: A small gizmo with a lot of potential

USB Connector: A small gizmo with a lot of potential

If you have been puzzled by the presence of a small device in the box of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ or LG G6 we are here to elaborate what it really is and what can you use it for. Now that you have already had a good look at the device, you know it very well that it is a USB connecter. The USB connector has a USB type C connector at one end while a full size USB port at the other end.
The original purpose of the USB connecter is to plug in the old device directly to the new smartphone and transfer files instantaneously. However, this is not the only function the USB connector can perform. USB connector being offered by Samsung and LG with their flagships is not a new piece of gadget. It has existed for as long as one can remember. The connecter is also referred to as USB OTG or on-the-go. It serves not one but several purposes and enthusiasts for sure know its application.

Here are three applications of USB connecter:

1. Connect mouse, keyboard or game controller: That’s right! You can connect USB mouse, keyboard or game controller to your smartphone using this simple gizmo. Although there isn’t much application for the aforementioned accessories on a smartphone but it sure deserves a try.

2. Connect mass storage device: Using the connector one can plug-and-play mass storage devices such as hard drives or USB sticks. This is a very useful application of USB connector.

3. Charge a smartphone or smartwatch: You can charge a smartphone or a smartwatch using the connector directly from the smartphone. However this draws smartphone battery but the feature can save a friend’s smartphone battery right on time.