Verify: Could dead skin be slowing your computer down?

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SPOKANE, Wash– Several articles are circulating the internet, claiming that dead skin cells could be slowing down your computer.

The ‘Independent’ reported that a computer expert from a Florida Best Buy Geek Squad revealed that the number one offender for slowing down your PC could be your own dead skin.

The expert said dust, food and junk build up in the fans in your computer and that this dust is made up of dead human skin.

Scott Griffith is a technologist at the Next Gen Tech Bar at Gonzaga University.

Griffith said the dust theory may be true, but it’s not that simple.

“Definitely it’s something that we see but it’s also kind of hard to pinpoint directly to the dead skin cell part, right? Because it’s dust,”Griffith said.

“One of the big ways that you were going to be able to tell if it is affecting the performance it’s going to be if you hear that whirring noise, really that fan trying to work really hard to cool down the computer,” said Griffith.

Many of the local computer repair companies did not want to comment on this, so after going to Gonzaga we decided to go to the KREM 2 IT department.

The IT team agreed that skin cells may be a very minor contributing factor, but what is clogging your computer fan was most likely dust and even pet hair.

They said there is no way to tell that the dust in your computer is made up of skin cells unless you test the dust in a lab.