Weekly Recap: Battlefield 1 Arrives Early, PlayStation VR Debuts, New Star Wars Trailer

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Battlefield 1 is out now! Kind of. To play right now, you need to be an EA Access or Origin Access member; those services are offered on Xbox One and PC, respectively. PS4 players are out of luck. You can only play for 10 hours and some content is missing, but it’s a good taste of the upcoming shooter. Battlefield 1’s official release date is October 21.

The future is now. Sony this week launched PlayStation VR, a virtual reality headset that Sony claims stands to have a “transformative” impact on gaming. The headset, which requires a PS4 and PlayStation Camera, starts at $400 for the device alone. A $500 package gets you the headset, a camera, two Move controllers, and the five-game PlayStation VR Worlds collection. Everyone who buys PlayStation VR also gets a demo disc that comes with trials for 18 games, including Resident Evil 7.

Lucasfilm released a new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer this week–and it might be the best one yet. The new video teases out the story that follows a group of rebels trying to steal the plans to the Death Star. We learn more about Jyn Erson’s father and even get a glimpse at Darth Vader.


Here’s a cool video from Jonathan Cooper, who put out a sizzle reel of his work that shows off some of Uncharted 4’s incredible action sequences before they looked good.

In search of a new place to listen to music? Amazon launched Music Unlimited this week.

Mute, the next movie from Warcraft director Duncan Jones, is now shooting and is scheduled to debut in 2017. For a movie that’s been in the works for 12 years.

Epic’s Paragon is throwing a Halloween party and you’re invited.

Sony’s PlayStation VR launched this week, but how well will it sell? According to SuperData, Sony will sell at least 2.6 million headsets before the end of 2016.

Rock Band 4 gets its first expansion next week, Rivals, and to promote it, Harmonix has put out a silly video that asks, “Will it bend?”

Here’s something cool. Bethesda has revealed a new Fallout 4 Power Armor statue–and it looks great. It’s also not cheap, coming in at $380 to start.

Guild Wars 2 is celebrating Halloween with a special in-game event dedicated to the spooky day. The event kicks off on October 18 and you can get all the details about it here at the game’s website.

Furi is coming to Xbox One this week, The Game Bakers announced today. And there will be exclusive content for the Xbox One edition. Read this blog post to learn more.

The folks at 4Gamer have opened up a PlayStation VR headset all the way, revealing all of its inner workings and guts.

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