Yahoo Shuts Down Digital Magazines, Cuts 300 More Jobs

Yahoo Inc. announced Wednesday that it would shut down its digital magazines as part of a plan to simplify its business.

The company’s digital magazines to be discontinued include those that cover food, parenting, health, travel and real estate, it said in a blog post, noting that it would sharpen its focus on news, sports, finance and lifestyle.

The internet giant also said it would cut more than 300 jobs by April 18, as part of 1,500 layoffs announced earlier. The layoffs cover 128 employees at Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, California; 46 employees in San Francisco and 60 in Los Angeles, the newspaper reported citing a company’s note to state officials.

The company also plans to shut down its Burbank office, affecting 90 employees, according to San Francisco Chronicle.

The layoffs affect people in Yahoo’s media division, as well as employees in other roles such as engineering or research, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Yahoo was not immediately available for comment.


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